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U100/D100II Driver Manual
Time:2012-08-20  Read:40035
1:Please double-click the setup.exe to run the installation program. (Note:please close the antivirus software before the installationAfter the installatin,a pop-up window will display as follows: 

2:Connect the U100,turn on the power,click from Start Menu,to Set,to Control Pannel and to Sounds and Audio Devices,you will find the attribute is changed to the YULONG Audio U100 Sound Card as follows:

3:Audio CPL drop-down frame:(it will have no choices if the U100 is not connected)

We suggest the Audio Format is selected the Auto set for it will occupy the small USB bandwidth and it is stable.If you seltect the item of the 24BIT and 96000HZ,the quality of the sound is the best.After the Audio Format is set ,you can play the music.
4:Besides output directly,the U100 can support the hardware ASIO,the set of ASIO is as follows::the ASIO CPL can set the output of the ASIO.

We suggest the Bits per Sample is selected the 24 bits and the buffer is set to the maximum.
Then call the ASIO in the play software,for example,we use the FOOBAR to set:
From the drop-down frame of  the FOONAR/File/Parameter Options/Output/ASIO/Add new/Driver,you can select the YULONG Audio U100 ASIO Driver and click the OK ,Apply and Confirm.

Go back to the window of the FOONAR/File/Parameter Options/ Output,in the drop-down frame of the output device,select the YULONG Audio U100 ASIO Driver as the output device.
Up to now you can use the  hardware ASIO output of the U100.

Note:If your computer was equipped with the USB or Firewire ASIO device ,you must delete the device before you use the ASIO of the U100.

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