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  • P18 Power Processing Center
    Common power filters are usually designed for home appliances and come with tiny ferrite core. Using this kind of design on audio systems will compress the dynamic and loss the details. YULONG鈥檚 engineers have many years of experiences in power source design for telecommunication base station and audio equipment design. By utilizing their skills and experiences, they designed P18 power filter.
  • YULONG Audio CP1 power cable
    The CP1 utilizes 7x32x0.12 high purity oxygen-free copper as conductors, in multi strands then inter-twisted wiring method. Cross section area is 2.5 mm2. It has shield of aluminum foil and high density braided oxygen-free copper mesh. The housing of power plug is machined with aluminum alloy. The whole cable is completely shielded, eliminating all noise interference from outside. The plug pins are thickly golden plated by special techniques, to ensure reliable contact and extremely low internal resistance. With cotton filling inside, PET outer jacket, exceptional high density polythene dielectric, sufficient suspension design, the CP1 provides outstanding conductivity for power transmission, consequently the equipment will benefit from it for fidelity music reproduction.
  • A800 Class A headphone amplifiers
    The A800 is one of the Class A headphone amplifiers with small size,it uses the transistors made up of the discrete components .The circuit structure uses the simplified Class A OTL amplifier .With the paired transistors selected by the signal transistor graphic instrument,and the cooperation of the tuning team by Yulong Audio,the small and exquisite A800 has the fascinating tone and the good driving capability.
  • Crystal mini headphone amplifier
    The A800 is one of the Class A headphone amplifiers with a small size, and discrete components of selected transistor design. The circuit structure is a simplified Class A OTL amplifier. Transistors are individually tested by graphic analyzing instrument, and carefully matched in pairs by the tuning team at Yulong Audio. As a result, the small and exquisite A800 offers a fascinating tone as well as good driving capability.
  • U18 asynchronous USB interface
    Yulong Audio proudly introduces the U18, an audiophile asynchronous USB interface that supports up to 24bit and 192KHz playback. Through extensive testing and validation by the Yulong tuning team, U18 achieves high fidelity sound so engaging and musical that it will keep you listening. By using very low jitter clock generators, U18 eliminates the digital sound typical from CAS, and serves as the finest bridge between your PC and DAC.
  • D230/A230 hi-fi power cords
    Both of the power cords are based on cable from Lapp Kabel Germany and terminated with Marinco 5266 and Schurter 4781. With high quality parts and high standard flexible cable, they are very easy to use and last for a very long time.
  • SABRE A18 Class A Headphone amplifiers
    The SABRE A18 is a Class A headphone amplifier that uses selected discrete components. Built on fully symmetrical differential amplifier, the input stage uses the K170/J74 JFET, whose sonic characteristics are similar to those of vacuum tubes. With the input stage in place, we then carefully fine-tuned the sound to achieve a full-bodied yet nuanced presentation.
  • U100 compact size USB decoder and headphone amplifier
    U100 is a high performance, compact size USB decoder and headphone amplifier. It features RCA line out as well as 3.5mm line in, so it can be used as USB decoder to connect other amplifiers, speaker systems, or to be used as a stand-alone headphone amplifier using the 3.5mm line input for any portable devices. U100 is designed for the USB input and optimized for ultimate performance, so there is no other digital input available.
  • SABRE D18--32Bit DAC
    The DAC solution of the SABRE D18 we used is based on the 32-bit audio DAC ESS9018 which represents the highest performace in the world. With ESS patented 32-bit HyperstreamTM DAC architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator, the SABRE32 Reference Stereo DAC delivers an unprecedented DNR of up to 135dB and THD+N of -120dB, the industry鈥檚 highest performance level that will satisfy the most demanding audio enthusiasts.
  • SABRE DA8 32bit 384khz DSD DAC
    THD+N less than 0.0003%, dynamic > 130dB, Idle noise 1.5uV USB supports 32bit, 384KHz PCM signal DSD native support

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