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  • DA9 Fully balanced DAC/headphone amplifier/preamplifier
  • DAART Canary DAC/JFET input class A headphone amplifier
    This is the Canary - your ideal partner on the desktop, a stylish, sleek, and musical all-in-one decoder crafted with details in mind, such as delicate surface treatment, and even an 18K gold plated input indication panel. headphone amplifier is full discrete, FET input DC coupling class A銆 It comes with plenty of I/Os such as USB, Optical, Coaxial, line in, line out and headphone outputs. The USB input supports Apple or android phones.
  • ADA1 Wifi DSD 384KHZ DAC Headphone amplifier
    All of us from YuLong proudly present the ADA1 (Amplifier Digital-to-analogue) with breaking through Dop 128 and PCM 384KHz support over SPDIF, very analogue sounding, and high performance-to-cost ratio all in one unit backed by our years of experience in sound refinement, design and creativity. We believe ADA1 will become your favorite music playback device with these advantages: Powered by dual high performance AK4490 DAC chips in mono mode; DSD decoding supported by all inputs; JFET input, DC-coupled, fully discrete class-A headphone amplifier; optional WiFi adaptor; A4 sized and flexible connections.
  • NEW Arrival YULONG Audio SABRE DA8 II 32bit 384KHZ DSD DAC
    Our acoustics team did not stop exploring how to make it a better sounding device even our DA8 had received overwhelming positive feedbacks, and has worked on perfecting the sound experience for years since its first introduction. Years of efforts including circuit and component consideration, listening, benchmarking, trying out different combinations including hi-end home and studio equipment and last but not least, listening to and weighting the feedbacks from our actual users.
  • U200 Wi-Fi DSD 32bit 384KHz USB Digital to Analogue Decoder
    U200 is a high C/P ratio USB DAC and headphone amplifier which is designed for mobile device and computer users. It supports PCM formats up to 32Bit/384KHz and DSD. By integrating a strong AC power supply under its tiny enclosure, U200 provides driving power same as the full sized equipment while maintains portability. When working together with the optional WiFi module, the U200 is turned to a network player with easy operation and exceptional audio quality
  • YULONG Audio D200 DSD 384KHZ DAC
    D200 ultra high performance to cost ratio, 32bit 384KHZ DSD DAC is developed based on our highly acclaimed Sabre DA8. It comes with simplified operation, compact yet detailed construction,
  • YULONG Audio D8 DAC
    Saber D8 is an upgrade version of DA8. They shares similar design and with these upgrades: Two 50W toroidal transformers supply clean powers to Digital and Analogue circuits separately; Full size case which is matching A8 fully balanced headphone amplifier; and lots of through hole components that increased the freedom of sound directed part selection.
  • Yulong CU2 Silver Plated Copper audiophile grade USB cable 1.2m
    CU2 uses the double shielding and double grounding technique.The signal line is grounded by shielding alone,it can avoid the interference and get the separation effect between the signal and the power supply.
  • YULONG Audio A8 fully balanced head phone amplifier
    Sabre A8 is our cost no object, ultimate performance, fully discrete, fully balanced, high current head phone amplifier and preamplifier. Each channel is constructed by two ways of fully separate amplifier. There are two sets of 6.35mm unbalanced outputs, XLR balanced headphone output, 4 pin XLR balanced headphone output, and XLR balanced preamplifier output. It accepts RCA and XLR inputs.
  • A28 fully balanced class A headphone amplifier
    A28 is a fully balanced class A headphone amplifier constructed by 4 amplification channels. Its complete connections are convenient to connect source and headphones with different terminals.

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